December 12th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Crossing Arizona

Lisa called this evening from Kingman, Arizona. She said she might go to Las Vegas in search of slightly warmer weather (and stores that don't close at 9 PM). She was surprised when I quoted how cold it was in usually-always-warm places like Laughlin. Her 5000-km lap around the USA will probably require swinging wide again in the form of going up US-101 rather than I-5 in an attempt to avoid snow and hope to be able to cut back over to the Willamette Valley after the current cold and snowy weather passes.
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Early Christmas

I wrapped Christmas presents this evening. I won't say what they are because my mother sometimes reads this LJ. Cheryl and I are going up to Yuba City tomorrow to visit my family and gigica, and to transport gifts for my family. Therefore, we had to hustle to get those gifts together.

For some reason, Christmas seems to be coming earlier than I expect, but that's probably because of my having to actually get things done before the last minute like this.