December 18th, 2008

Conrunner Kevin

All Quiet

Today was my last day in the office this year, because I'm working from home tomorrow and from Oregon for the next two weeks. We had a "dessert potluck" of which I partook slightly, then headed out for a walk immediately thereafter (earlier rain having dispersed) feeling a little guilty about all the carbs in the small pieces of pie I'd eaten. I would have checked my blood sugar an hour later, but I'd left my meter at home, so I'll never know how bad (or good) I was.

I also got most of my Christmas cards into the mail today. I've been seriously trimming back the list over the years for cost reasons. And this year I finally worked through the last of many years' purchases of railroad-themed cards that I'd been buying for years until I decided that the I didn't fancy sending out more than 70 cards every December.

In this case, I expect I've waited too long and that quite a few cards won't arrive until the week after Christmas, particularly the ones going outside the USA. If I'd been more with it, I would have had cards with me for hand-delivery at SMOFCon and saved some postage.