Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Escape from Reno

Besides my scheduled every-alternate-Friday time off I've been taking, I had 4 hours of use-it-or-lose-it "floating holiday" that was going to expire at the end of the year. My supervisor suggested that I use it this week, and so I used it today so we could make a final grocery run to Reno. Our Saturday trip ended up incomplete. Yesterday afternoon, I resubmitted that Cost Plus World Market order I'd fouled up over the weekend, and they'd texted me to tell me it was ready.

Any hope we had of avoiding crowds was vain. There were a lot of people in the stores. Fortunately, most of them were wearing masks and seemed to be mostly trying to keep their distance. However, I ended up having to go back inside World Market twice: once when they missed one bag of the order, and again when I found that they'd included the "gift basket" (miniature) instead of the full size item of one thing that I'd bought. Glad that I checked everything against the list. There was no problem getting the right size, but they're clearly overworked.

Whole Foods was also busy. Alas, they hadn't gotten another shipment of eggnog, and they'd sold out of pie crusts, but at least Lisa got the good-quality chocolate milk from Strauss Creamery that she likes. Raley's was not quite as full as it could have been, but it was still touch and go at times. Starbucks, however, was not that busy and I got what might be their last pumpkin spice latte at that location this season, and then only because I have mine with one less pump than usual.

As we were able to do the errands in our usual order, it was a relatively easy drive home back up Veterans Parkway (as opposed to I-580/US-395, which was already wall-to-wall going north as we came in going south initially). After unloading these groceries, we had one more errand locally to Grocery Outlet for perishables like milk and eggs, which Lisa would rather not get in Reno due to the long drive home, even with the electric cooler in the back seat.

With luck, we don't have to go out anymore before Christmas, and possibly not until New Year. We're very well stocked, and all of our normal storage areas are full. That suits us. We're really very tired of dealing with crowds. We'll enjoy our own company for the holiday.
Tags: groceries, reno, shopping

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