January 6th, 2009


The Rest of the Worldcon Bids

Somehow, sandwiched between other very urgent things that needed doing today, I managed to get the remaining Worldcon bids' Fannish Inquisition videos posted. In keeping with usual practice, most of the items get shorter as we get further into the future.

Chicago in 2012

Texas in 2013

Europe in 2014

San Diego in 2015 featuring me as the Emergency Holographic San Diegan.

Still to come: SMOFCon 2009 Site Selection and presentation of bids for future SMOFCons.
Hugo Trophy

I Don't Think I Posted This Earlier

Although I originally tried to post it months ago, I think I forgot to actually announce here or even give the link to the person most affected by it: My very badly-shot video of Chris Garcia presenting the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award at Denvention Three:

Yes, the camera work is awful. I have no tripod -- not even a unipod -- and had to zoom in tight to get anything useful, which meant that even my breathing shook the camera. Sorry about that.