January 10th, 2009

Cheryl 2


Fremont is not really a place one thinks of when it comes to fine restaurants. Fast food and mid-range stuff at best is more the speed of this bedroom community. But there is at least one exception, and that is Papillon in Niles. Cheryl and I went there tonight, as we have not about this time for the past couple of years. Frankly, at the price, once a year is about all we can afford; however, the food is worth it.

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Papillion isn't actually that far from our apartment -- while we were out for a walk around Quarry Lakes Park this afternoon, I realized that at one point we were closer to the restaurant than we were to home -- but because the Lakes are there, we have to go around the three sides of the square to get there. Still, it's only a ten minute drive, and we got home just at 10 PM. We then changed out of our fancy clothes into more practical ones and went out for a walk, even at this late hour. All that food, you know. And much to my amazement, the expected catastrophic effect on my blood sugar didn't materialize -- I had a 124 reading an hour after eating -- possibly due to the walk and also due to having been out around Quarry Lakes on a 5km walk earlier today.

Now we can surrender to the sleep that was calling us from the moment we waddled away from the table, well fed and fully-sated. Yum.