January 16th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Foggy Oregon

It was a struggle to get to Mehama last night, because Lisa -- who is not getting much sleep due to her tinnitus bedeviling her -- was having difficulty and the conditions were unpleasant, with heavy fog on I-5. In Salem, she had to pull off the road in order to rest long enough to have the energy to drive the rest of the way. And I'm completely hopeless with a manual transmission, so I wasn't a ready candidate for taking over the driving unless it were life-and-death. I did my best to help keep her awake until she struggled into the driveway here. We quickly got stuff moved in to the trailer, the heat turned on, and her into bed, where she fell asleep before I even had my luggage open and started unpacking.

The weather here today was described as "light freezing fog." Brr!
Kevin and Lisa

Thoughts on the Hudson Landing

As it happens, the first I heard of the airplane that had to do a forced landing in the Hudson River was walking around Oakland airport yesterday afternoon. CNN was playing on the TV in the one bar on Terminal 1 as I walked by. Oddly enough, I didn't even think about it during the routine pre-flight safety announcements. On the other hand, I always try to pay attention to the safety briefing, even though I've heard it so many times that I could do it myself. My hope is that if something like the Hudson incident happens to me, I'll react automatically without having to think about it.

Oh, and unless you want an earful, don't call what happened yesterday a "crash" anywhere Lisa can hear you. She'll give you a large earful about how a "crash" implies that the crew did not have control of the plane, whereas "forced landing" or "ditching" means that they did. It's clear from the heroic handling of a plane in a critical failure situation, the pilot had that plane under remarkably good control.
Conrunner Kevin

Cold Comfort

I read today that Circuit City stores was unable to find a buyer and is going to liquidate and go out of business. Considering how badly they have treated me and Lisa, including making up laws (hint: US states can't have copyright laws, so don't claim that "Oregon Copyright Law" prohibits something), I'll say it couldn't happen to a more deserving company. Electronics retailers need to learn that hiring low-paid, unskilled workers to staff their stores is not a way to keep customers. If I wanted to have no advice or help, I'd order stuff over the internet and pay less for it.
Kevin and Lisa

Never Mind

Update, 16:45: Entire entry that I previously posted deleted. Lisa is too sick and too tired to go anywhere and has collapsed in to bed, complaining bitterly about how she doesn't want to sleep even as she passes out.
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