January 18th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Something I Ate?

Lisa and I went into Salem yesterday to do a whole bunch of errands and shopping. Fortunately for my bank balance, many of the things were not available or didn't suit Lisa. However, it was a nice clear sunny (although somewhat chilly) day, and we took some time to stop in downtown Salem walk around Riverfront Park. Just as we headed across the railroad grade crossing into the park and were deciding which direction to walk, we heard a train whistle to the north. We waited a few minutes, and saw come slowly into view a southbound Portland & Western freight train. It moves slow in these parts because the railroad runs down the middle of a street in these parts -- the line is formerly an Oregon Electric interurban line, you see.

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Anyway, in a few minutes I will shut down the computer and Lisa will take me back to PDX. When I can find a period where my management is willing to do so, possibly in late February, she wants me to come back up here for an extended period --- maybe as much as two weeks. It would be handier to errands if I drove, but right now it's cheaper to fly than to drive, especially if I buy the airline ticket this next week while Alaska's fare sale continues.
Conrunner Kevin

Back to the Bay Area

Unlike the packed flight northward, tonight's flight from PDX to Oakland was lightly loaded, and I had two seats to myself. That's good, although even then, you don't get a lot of room in a Horizon CRJ-700. However, I did have enough room to be able to get my computer running, and therefore could launch Locomotion. Consequently, the subjective flight time was about thirty minutes at most.

Tonight was a night for every connection to work at minimum time. My luggage was there waiting for me when I got to the carousel. The AirBART bus waited for me, and then pulled away from the curb as soon as I boarded. As a result, I got to Coliseum BART with a full hour to wait for my Capitol train. I could have taken BART instead, but besides having the buy a BART ticket, I would have had to get home from Fremont BART, which is either a 5 km walk or a $12 taxi ride. The weather was very nice -- I didn't even need my jacket -- and so I decided to wait. I even fired the computer up again and killed time playing Locomotion again.

My train was right on time, and as a bonus, the conductor didn't come and lift my ticket, so the trip home was actually free. I walked home, picking up a burger on the way because I did not feel like going out to get groceries.

I wish all of my travel could be so stress-free. And it's Australia Open time, which is good because I like watching the tennis majors, and bad because it means I'll not be getting enough sleep these next two weeks.