January 24th, 2009

Manga Kevin

Table Duty

The hotel, fortunately, has made arrangements to use the "back 40" overflow lot, so finding parking was not a problem. FurCon puts its fan tables over on the "convention center" side rather than in the "greenhouse," and space is a little tight, as there's plenty of foot traffic.

Registration was not a problem, although I resent being forced to show government-issued photo ID when buying a membership for cash, particularly when the person staffing the registration station knows me on sight. What's the point? I guess it's part of the creeping "your papers, pliz" society, and people simply assume that you must have Government Photo ID for all purposes. Sigh.
Manga Kevin

No Time for Photos

Sitting here at our fan table between the Art Show and Dealers Room in a hallway that almost never slowed down, we got to see lots of great fursuit-type costumes. Alas, we were so busy talking to people that I hardly had time to snap any photos. One group in costumes from Cats posed in a group near our table, and I had the presence of mind to grab my camera. I didn't have much time, however, as they were blocking traffic and I had time for only one shot before the opportunity passed.

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I did post a photo of our Westercon SJ2011 bid table on our Meet Us page of con appearances.

Just as I started to think it was time I had some lunch, I realized it was time for the fursuit parade. I took up station standing behind our table and filmed the entire parade, which I will upload when I have the chance to cut it into two or three pieces. Besides, just near the end, my camera announced that the batteries were about to fail. I quickly switched batteries only to end up filming the last minute or so. Had I realized there were that few paraders left, I expect the batteries would have lasted that long. And if I'd really been thinking ahead, I would have brought the camera's AC adapter and Cheryl's unipod to make it easier to hold the camera still while filming. So now I need to edit things together before posting them.