February 3rd, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Struck Out Going for Grand Slam

As many of you probably know from their big ad, Denny's was offering free Grand Slam breakfasts today from 6 am to 2 pm. I thought I might try going over to the one relatively near me in Fremont in the mid-morning, between the breakfast and lunch peaks, and see how long the wait might be.

As I drove by, I saw what I estimated to be at least fifty people lined up out the door. I may like the Grand Slam breakfast, but not enough to wait two hours for one. I kept driving and headed to the office.

Addendum, 13:20: I note that the free breakfast offer applied to every Denny's restaurant except two. I wonder why those two stores were opted out?
Kevin Standlee

On Being Courteous

After reading this post, I feel sorry for the poor guy who wastes so much of his intellect figuring out justifications for not being courteous to other people.

As it happens, I like the self-service check-out stands in grocery stores too, but that's because they're usually faster than the attended lines, not because I want to avoid saying "thank you" to the clerk.
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