February 8th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

If you can see this,

If you can see this, I have managed to figure out how to post via text msg.

Update, 00:05: Well, it works, but my phone won't let me save an e-mail contact, so if I want to use this service, I'll have to laboriously key in the entire e-mail address every time I want to do so. Still, it's one way to leave brief updates when I'm away from e-mail for extended periods -- like, say, a long train trip.
Kevin Talking

Not Good Enough

This afternoon, while doing various errands, I went by Half Price Books with two Bankers Boxes full of hardcover SF & F books. This represents a couple of shelves of my book case. Most of them are Turtledove alternate histories. I asked how much they'd give me for them. They offered $15 -- about fifty cents each, I think -- and were willing to go as high as $17. I thanked them and rolled back out with the books. I'd be better off donating the books to BASFA at that rate, albeit not all at once; I've seen what happens when too much auction material chokes the club at once. Instead, they may go into storage when I move, if it turns out I won't have enough shelf space in wherever I go.

I don't bear the folks at the store any ill will. I understand the stresses they're under. I used to act as a buyer when I was assistant manager of a comic book store. We typically offered people 25% of appraised value for cash, or more if they wanted it in trade. Assuming they put these books on sale at half cover price or so, they were offering me less than 10% of cover, which I deem too small an offer. I could get better value by donating the lot to charity and taking the tax deduction, which would be based on the books' cover price.

(That does, however assume I had enough deductible items to justify itemizing deductions, which I do not. I would have done so last year if I'd kept better records and had counted the mileage driving to and from Denver as a trip jointly done for SFSFC and Denver's non-profit, I think.)
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