February 15th, 2009


Am I Missing Something?

In this message on the Anticipation LJ, there is a question raised about the street address of the convention centre where Anticipation will be held, the Palais des Congrès. It is of course a trivially easy thing to find out without much effort, so I answered the question. The person seems to think that it's a very strange thing to not put on the convention's web site. I checked several past convention's sites, and none of them have given their facilities' street addresses -- they've provided links to those facilities own web sites, where you can usually find directions.

As I said there, if the street address was such a crucially important piece of information that it was vital that every member needed to know and couldn't find any other reasonable way, I would expect that someone would have said something about it years ago. Indeed, I would think that putting information like that on your own event's web site is an excessive level of detail -- the kind of stuff that makes people's eyes glaze over. It would be different if the convention site were secret, hidden, or somehow difficult to find, but most convention centers are very prominent places that aren't particularly hidden.