March 1st, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Pump House Gang Saves Building

[I originally thought to post this back-dated because the photos were taken on Friday; however, I'm going to leave it in the main feed. I'm putting most of it behind cuts so you can skip photos of Lumber Lad and Chainsaw Lass and boring scenes of rural Oregon living.]

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I really do know a little bit about handling a light chain saw. However, it has been about twenty-five years since I last had to do so. Lisa had done this kind of work more recently than me, and besides, a sensible split of the work load puts the one with the weak mind strong back on the job that requires lifting heavy loads.

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Today it rained, so there's no more outside work we can get done. Unfortunately, the long-range forecast projects rain all this coming week through Saturday, too. Still, I think we got a fair bit done Friday and Saturday, and so does Lisa's father.