March 7th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Rain Check

It's a shame we couldn't have swapped Friday and Saturday's weather this week. If we could, I would be out there doing more clean-up work with Lisa today. As it is, there is too much rain to be willing to get soaked picking up the smaller branches and miscellaneous debris left over from our previous tree-clearing efforts. So instead we stay inside today and probably don't go anywhere. On the other hand, getting rest is good. And we were able to get some of Lisa's computer issues settled to her satisfaction.

Tomorrow I return to the Bay Area. Don't know if I'll be back online before very late Sunday night.
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Into Training

I wasn't expecting to be online again today, but Lisa had things she wanted me to look up. In particular, we came up with a possible way to not have her have to drive from Oregon to California for the start of the planned train trip to Montreal, and maybe not even have to spend any more money out of pocket. It all depends on whether Amtrak will consider a train routing of Salem OR to Chicago IL via Emeryville CA a single continuous trip and valid in their system. If so, then the Salem-Emeryville leg can be covered under the same use of frequent-travel points as the long leg to Chicago, at no additional point use. But it's tricky, in that there's only a one-hour connection time at Emeryville. OTOH, if you knew the train was running late the night before, there are four stations in common -- Emeryville, Martinez, Davis, and Sacramento -- with increasing connection times up to as much as five hours. She wanted to verify that the leg in question still has any sleeping space available (it does) and so on Monday I need to call Amtrak and find out if what she proposes would actually work. The idea of getting that extra leg of the trip without having to spend anything else is certainly attractive.
Pensive Kevin

Let it Not Snow

The weather forecast here suggests snow tonight and early tomorrow, changing to rain showers in the afternoon. I do hope this doesn't scramble my flight plans back to the Bay Area tomorrow afternoon.