March 12th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Time is Out of Joint

I have a portable alarm clock that synchronizes with the atomic clock in Denver via radio. It also automatically resets itself for US daylight-savings time changes. (You can Google for the details about how the time-change signal is encoded in the broadcast if you want to know.) It reset itself just fine last weekend in Oregon overnight, but last night for some reason, the clock shifted itself 35 minutes ahead. Not 30, not 60, but 35.

Unfortunately, the signal strength in my apartment is poor, so it's difficult to get it to synch up again. I took the batteries out of the clock to make it start over, and will take it to the office with me today. Maybe leaving it on the dash of my van will result in a better radio signal and convince it to get back on Pacific Daylight Time.

Not Dead Yet

Although at one week old it is probably ancient history in today's world, but I'd like to point out that the discussion over Selling Worldcon to Publishers is still going on with new comments being added just today.

I have been much too busy at my day job to do much more than post a small techincal observation, but there are still interesting things being said, and if you drifted away, go back and catch up on the conversation.