March 13th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Good Thing I Have a Fax Machine

The multi-function printer/copier/fax machine we have here at home is rarely used to receive faxes. In fact, I don't remember ever doing so. But this morning, I started getting phone calls from a fax machine. I hung up on the first one, assuming it was one of the random-number fax machine callers attempting to spam. But it called back a few minutes later. And again. Seeing that it might have taken many tries before it gave up, I turned the printer on and the answering machine off and let the next incoming call trigger the fax machine. Turned out to be a medical bill for someone (not me) addressed to the wrong fax number. Fortunately, it had a voice phone number, so I called and left a message telling them they had the fax number wrong. A few minutes ago, I got a call from the company sending the bill apologizing for having got the number wrong. I shredded the mis-addressed bill, of course; it's none of my business.
Giants Fanatic

Let's Go to Kevin in Fremont...

... who waited for more than 90 minutes before getting on the air at KNBR this afternoon, where they were talking about the Oakland A's announcement that they would not stay in Oakland. As I've written here before, I think the logical thing for them to do would be to move to Sacramento, as long as they could figure out a deal to build a baseball stadium near the Sacramento railroad station, near downtown and the freeway as well as light and heavy rail, and also with not a huge number of people living right around it to complain about how having a new ball park instead of a derelict rail yard next to their homes would somehow ruin the neighborhood.

Note that I'm a Giants fan, but that doesn't mean I'm an anti-A's fan. I just think that the A's will be perpetually under the shadow of the Giants as long as they stay anywhere in the Bay Area, even the San Jose area, and even when the A's field a better team. They'd be better off in Sacramento, where they would be the dominant team rather than second fiddle.

The Razor & Mr. T let me make all of my points, and I think I managed to make them pretty clearly. Of course, money is the sticking point, as it is in all of these things, and I certainly don't think we'll be seeing MLB in Sacramento anytime soon.
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