March 25th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Fixing a Bulb

Some months ago, the light outside my front door opening on the the entry walk at this condo complex stopped working. It wasn't the bulb -- that bulb worked in another lamp, and a fresh lamp wouldn't work in the outside fixture. I've been meaning for some time now to ask the owner to do something about it. This afternoon I thought I'd double-check that the fixture didn't work before calling. This time, when I put a new bulb in the fixture, it worked. Go figure.

I'm glad I checked, though, because if they'd called a contractor out here and they found that the light wasn't broken, I would have to pay for the waste of their time.
Pensive Kevin

When Life Gives You a Lemon

I just discovered this afternoon that what I thought was an orange in the bag of things my mother gave me last weekend when I visited the family was actually a very orange-tinted lemon. *sour pucker*
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