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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

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You Shall Know Him By His Words
In regard to the nonsense happening in the comments on this entry, I'd plonk stegoking, but it would give him minor fuel for his paranoid fantasy that the SMOFS are conspiring against him and are actively plotting to keep the works he personally likes only good works off the Hugo Awards ballot.

Current Mood: annoyed
Well Worth Reading
One of the best managers with whom it has been my pleasure to work in SF fandom has peeked out of her well-earned sabbatical to write about managing volunteers. I would suggest it should be required reading for anyone wanting to organize a volunteer-run/staffed event.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Fixing a Bulb
Some months ago, the light outside my front door opening on the the entry walk at this condo complex stopped working. It wasn't the bulb -- that bulb worked in another lamp, and a fresh lamp wouldn't work in the outside fixture. I've been meaning for some time now to ask the owner to do something about it. This afternoon I thought I'd double-check that the fixture didn't work before calling. This time, when I put a new bulb in the fixture, it worked. Go figure.

I'm glad I checked, though, because if they'd called a contractor out here and they found that the light wasn't broken, I would have to pay for the waste of their time.

Current Mood: relieved
When Life Gives You a Lemon
I just discovered this afternoon that what I thought was an orange in the bag of things my mother gave me last weekend when I visited the family was actually a very orange-tinted lemon. *sour pucker*

Current Mood: amused

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