March 26th, 2009

Pensive Kevin

Wish Me Luck

I've been using AVG anti-virus software for several years now, and up through version 7.5 it has worked pretty well. When 8.0 came out, I installed it on one of the machines and it went horribly wrong, but I was fortunately able to roll back to the 7.5 configuration. I've been holding out as long as I can, but updates for 7.5 end at the end of April, so I've got to try something. They now have version 8.5, so I'm risking updating my secondary computer. To my dismay, in the process of rebooting, WinXP ran CHKDSK and announced (thousands of times), "Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file NNNNN."

Once it finished doing that -- it took the better part of an hour -- it seemed to reboot properly, but I haven't yet put it through enough paces to confirm that the computer still works properly. At the very worst, I could lose everything on this particular machine and start with a bare-metal reinstall, but that is such a hassle I'd prefer to avoid it.