April 3rd, 2009

Business Meeting

About the Semiprozine Amendment

The people behind the web site set up to defend Semiprozines against the pending WSFS constitutional amendment to eliminate the category asked me to explain the parliamentary situation and how individuals attending Anticipation could participate in the process. I wrote an article giving the short and long of it that they posted today. Editor Neil Clarke even helpfully corrected a typo in the article that inverted the meaning of a sentence that I didn't spot until after the article was published.

Note that I'll try to do articles of this sort for anyone who wants them, regardless of whether I'm personally in favor or opposed to a particularly proposal. The important thing to me is that everyone who wants to participate should do so if they can, and that they not be overwhelmed by daunting-looking procedures or misconceptions that they're not allowed to be there because they aren't one of the representatives or something like that.

I've had conversations with Worldcon members describing Business Meeting hijinks, and those people have asked me things like, "Is there a visitors' gallery where us non-members can watch?" They've been surprised when told that they're members, too, and apparently assumed that you had to be elected to it the meeting in some way. It does seem to surprise people every year to learn that WSFS is governed by a body about as "organized" as the Ad Hoc Congress of Free Luna in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I've always wondered if Heinlein ever attended a WSFS Business Meeting.