April 13th, 2009

Match Game SF

Lessons Learned

It's way too soon to know whether I'll be at Norwescon next year or if we'll be invited to do Match Game SF again there, but if it does happen and they put us in the same room (Evergreen 4), then we've now learned some lessons about how to lay out the room to make it work better.

Working from the floor plan, we had the panelists' risers set diagonally in one corner. The risers are of a size that if you only used one, panelists would have a good chance of falling off the back of the riser unless it were flush against the wall, and therefore they needed two risers. This, and the diagonal alignment, ate up two rows of seats.

If we do it again, I think we can manage to do it with only a single riser, flush against the black wall, and with the panelists thus facing straight toward the audience. We can set the contestant table at a slight angle, but because it's on the floor and not on a riser, it doesn't take up so much space.

I also learned that I need to make specific MGSF business cards to give to people after the shows, because people want to know how to contact me and find out where pictures and video of the shows are.

And there was the lesson I mentioned a couple of days ago: Lisa says we should never again agree to both host a party and do a show at the same convention. It takes too much out of us. Sitting a fan table isn't the same thing and doesn't require the amount of equipment and effort as a party does.