April 14th, 2009

Menlo WWL

Stimulating Taxes

I got a note from my company's HR department advising us of changes in tax withholding on account of the stimulus package from the federal government. Following their instructions and going to the web site they directed, I determined that if I did not do something, I'd end up owing between $500 and $1000 in income taxes next April. Besides not wanting to have to come up with the money then, I thought there was a penalty for under-payment. So I had to refile my W-4 withholding exemptions form, and after all the changes percolated through, I end up with about $2/week more in take-home pay. Oh, well, at least my net pay didn't go down.
Wig Wag

I Think Working From Home Next Wednesday is a Good Idea

Union Pacific railroad's steam locomotive 844 is coming to Sacramento and the Bay Area this weekend while I'm in Montreal, but according to the Western Heritage Tour Schedule, it will leave Oakland next Wednesday at 9 AM, and head for Stockton via Altamont Pass, which means it will be coming through Niles and passing within a mile of my apartment sometime between 9 and 10 AM. I could walk to Niles Junction, I think -- it's just beyond the BART tracks that run along the eastern edge of Quarry Lakes Park.
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