April 21st, 2009

Kreegah Bundalo


Despite being able to sleep on the short flight from Montreal to Detroit, I wasn't at all sleepy on either the DTW-MSP or MSP-SFO legs of my return trip last night. I am consequently completely drained today and hope to go to bed very early and sleep for about twelve or fourteen hours. Thank goodness I could work from home today, particularly on account of the "Spare the Air" day called for today due to the heat.

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I still haven't unpacked much except things like the CPAP I needed to sleep last night. Maybe tomorrow.
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UP Steam Through Fremont

I'm glad to see on the Union Pacific 844 Steam Tour twitter feed they clarified which of the two possible routes they will take from Oakland to Stockton. They will come down the ex-SP route through Newark and Fremont, passing through Centerville, and from Niles Junction to Stockton on the ex-WP route (the route of the Altamont Commuter Express). I figured that is what they would do, but they at least technically could have used the ex-WP route all the way from Oakland. I thought it unlikely on account of the ex-WP west of Niles Junction is downgraded and slow, but I wasn't certain. Now I know I can walk over to Centerville station with my camera and Cheryl's unipod at 9 AM tomorrow morning to get pictures of the steam tour coming through. I expect the place will be crowded.
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