April 27th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Unclear on the Concept

I lately had reason to get a copy of one of my credit reports from one of the major houses. While most of the information on it is correct, there were a couple of minor errors. They had an address (in Texas!) for me that I've never had; indeed, I don't I've ever even been in Houston, let alone lived there. They also had a variation on my last name as an "also known as" or prior name, when it almost certainly is a typo by someone along the line, and it troubles me that the record seems to imply that I deliberately used that variation of my name. (The only variations that should ever happen is whether my middle initial happens to come along for the ride.)

I initiated a dispute to get the details corrected. They sent me an automatic message saying I needed to fax them copies of certain documents. I did so last week. This week, they sent me another message that is essentially a copy of the first, saying that I still need to fax them the stuff. This annoys me; besides, the originals of some of the material are in California and I won't get back there for two weeks. I went to their web site to try and send them a message saying, "Didn't you get the first copy?" The link from their e-mail to "check status of current dispute" only takes you to the front page of their dispute section, which does not have a link to the check-current-status screen. When I finally found the link to their check-status screen, it took me to a page that my browsers (both Firefox and IE; I checked both in case it was another case of our-site-only-supports-IE) tell me has an invalid security certificate.

You'd think a credit-reporting agency would know better than to do this sort of thing.
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Kevin and Lisa

Settling Sleep Accounts

Lisa's tinnitus continues to get worse. She's reporting as many as four separate tones in her ear, and she's convinced that it won't be long before she loses all hearing in her left ear. This depresses her, because she was proud of her super-sensitive hearing. OTOH, she says she'd rather be deaf in one ear than have to put up with the constant noise, which is like an electronic alarm clock. A consequence of it is that she can't get restful sleep, sort of like how I was before I got my CPAP machine. So yesterday evening, she fell into bed exhausted before 6 PM. I was up only about an hour later myself, as I realized that I was feeling pretty tired -- I have probably been on sleep deficit since before Norwescon, let alone the days in Montreal. I awoke about 11 hours later, feeling remarkably refreshed. Although I'm prone to hibernation, that was a long time asleep even for me.

Lisa, unfortunately, was awakened by her ear sometime around 4:30 AM. We have another appointment with her ear doctor for next week -- the earliest appointment we could get when I called late week -- but are not hopeful. She primarily expects to be told how much more of her hearing has gone away in the left ear. With an MRI having shown nothing, it's really unclear if there's anything the doctor could possibly do. Nobody should have to go through slow torture by sound like this.