April 30th, 2009

Giants Fanatic

Today's Forecast in Hell: Snow Showers

The San Francisco Giants' hard-hitting but notoriously slow-footed catcher Bengie Molina hit a triple in last night's 9-4 defeat of the hated L.A. Dodgers. A hit like that by almost any other player in the Major Leagues would have been an inside-the-park home run. I like how in the clip color commentator Mike Krukow says "I just lost a bet!" I can't see or hear the games up here in Oregon, but I assume that Kruk had made a bet against Bengie hitting a triple this year.

Thanks to gridlore for tipping me off about this.
Kreegah Bundalo

Prognosis Not Good

Instead of getting better, I'm feeling worse today than yesterday. When we went into Stayton, I picked up high blood-pressure/diabetic-safe cough and cold medicine. For some reason, my health care spending account says that's a permitted expense, while aspirin and Breath-Right strips are not. I had to pay for the latter two things out of pocket and I will get reimbursed later. Annoying, really.

The pharmacy section was all out of surgical face masks. We went and bought particulate masks from the paint section. I wore it while we were out shopping not for my own sake, but so that if I coughed or sneezed, it wouldn't trouble people around me that much.

Right now, however, what I'd like to do is go back to bed.
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