May 2nd, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Some Accomplishments

After work yesterday, I felt physically able enough to attach the several pieces of wood Lisa had cut from the fallen tree. With Lisa's help, I got the splitting maul and wedges, and together we managed to split those logs into burnable pieces. By the time I was done swinging the maul, however, I was too tired to pick up the logs and carry them to the wood shed. I think we may be down to only one more cart-load before I can say we've finally cleared the burnable wood that fell back in January. There looks to be enough wood stored away to heat Lisa's father's house for a season.

It rained enough last night that the grass is too wet to mow today, so instead we're going up to the Oregon Electric Railway Museum in Brooks, where Lisa and I are members, and then on to Fry's. The hard drive in one of Lisa's computers has died. We will buy the smallest laptop hard drive we can get, as anything large is a waste on such an old laptop. Getting it installed and an OS installed on that old machine is likely to be a challenge, because it does not have an Ethernet port and therefore cannot be easily connected to the Internet. That means an OS installation requires activation by telephone, and we had nothing but grief from Microsoft the last time we did that.

I am feeling much better, although I can still feel the pieces of the cold in my chest. Unfortunately for me, most colds have a tendency to move into my chest and form chronic bronchitis for up to a month. It's a consequence of being just slightly asthmatic. No sprinting for me.
Kevin and Lisa

How Could I Have Made That Mistake?

There was too much rain to do anything productive at the Museum, but Lisa looked in and said hello to the other heartier souls who were wading through the muck behind the workshop. They're putting in a new siding for storing equipment. Like many such operations, they have more equipment than they have places to store and display it.

After stopping for lunch at the Popeye's along the way (and playing pinball -- good value for the $2 I put into the machine; we got a lot of play out of ti -- we went to Fry's in Wilsonville to buy a new hard drive for one of Lisa's laptops and get some other things. What we decided we'd actually do is clone my existing hard drive into the 160 GB drive -- the smallest drive available -- and then use my existing 120 GB drive in Lisa's laptop that needs a new drive. I started to open the box with the drive in it when it suddenly dawned on me that I'd bought a desktop hard drive, not a laptop one.

Large-scale *headsmack* I mean, it's not that exchanging it will be that difficult, as I still have the receipt, but it's something like 50 miles up to Wilsonville, darn it.

Actually, putting a 120 GB drive into a older Toughbook is total overkill, but I didn't bring any of the surplus-to-requirements 30 and 40 GB drives sitting around the apartment in Fremont with me.