May 4th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Send In The Clones

Because some expected work didn't come in today -- postponed for a day or two -- I had the afternoon free. After talking things over with Lisa, we decided that the $70 sale on 250 GB hard drives seemed too good to pass up. After calling Fry's to make sure they were still in stock, Lisa and I drove up to Wilsonville for the third straight day and bought several more drives. Before leaving, I set my two computers to doing drive clones.

[Lisa says, "You probably wanted to go anyway, because you so much like Popeye's fried chicken at the TA truck stop at Donald, and we both like playing the pinball machines." Well, she's right, and we did play several games on the new Batman pinball machine there.]

Several hours later, we returned with 250 GB drives in place. Collapse )

Next job, for later this week: reinstall WinXP from scratch on at least one of the Toughbooks. If that goes well, we might be able to get away with merely cloning the one good installation -- I'll put it on the smallest drive -- onto the larger drives, saving me having to go through the pain of installation over and over again.