May 9th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Cutting Grass While the Sun Shines

Lisa's health is improving slightly, although she's still coughing a whole lot, and her nose is red and raw from constant nose-blowing. (We bought some tissues with lotion in them this evening; Lisa wishes we'd remembered to do that three days ago.) Unfortunately, the sound in her ear is no better, and remains a constant and debilitating trial for her, keeping her from sleeping and making her generally very miserable.

Today was the second consecutive day with no rain and bright sun, which meant things had finally dried out sufficiently for us to get some serious mowing done. Lisa had me get the big John Deere commercial mower out yesterday evening and mow parts of one of the fields for about an hour just to get me re-familiarized with driving it, but today, she was feeling (barely) well enough to run the riding mower while she put me to work with the small push mower on the sections where the big mower cannot go.

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We spent nearly six hours cutting lawns, mowing the field, and doing the work with the concrete blocks. And while we got a lot finished, we only got about half the field mowed -- the near half, plus the area around the house. The remainder of the field awaits our attention, maybe tomorrow, as the weather forecast is for only partly cloudy skies. I have some hope tomorrow will be easier work than today, however, because while the outer field is actually larger than the inner field we cut today, it doesn't have as many fiddly bits as mowing around the house and out-buildings.

(Lisa, who is watching me write this, said: "Sort of. You're forgetting the grove of trees over by the highway. We don't cut around them as much anymore, as they've grown so large that we can't get the big mower in there anymore.")

After finishing the yard work, blowing the grass clippings out of the mowers, doing maintenance like refilling the oil, and stowing the equipment, Lisa had us run in to Stayton for some groceries. We also looked for some sort of cough-and-cold remedy that might help her sleep better. Unfortunately, it seems that everything has something that Lisa didn't like the looks of. Either they have yellow dye, or aspartame, or polysorbate 60, or some form of glycolate, or some combination of these things.