May 11th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Leaving Mehama

Everything as under control as possible here. I'm getting ready to shut things down and pack, after which Lisa will take me to PDX for the flight back to the Bay Area. David Clark has generously offered to pick me up at OAK so I should be able to attend BASFA tonight.
Conrunner Kevin

A Different Approach

Horizon Airlines gates A5-12 all front onto a common departure lounge. A flight for Fresno is leaving shortly, and it's oversold. The gate agent took a slightly different approach to attracting volunteers, saying, "We have Very Special Offer right here good only for Fresno-bound passengers this afternoon. We have a two hundred dollar travel voucher that we'll give to the first person to come up here and agree to fly to Fresno just a little bit later this evening. This is a limited time offer, and you have to take it right now!" Essentially, he turned the normal spiel around and made it a promotion. I had this vision of an old K-Mart "Blue Light Special."

If they do the same thing on the Oakland flight, I'll take it and call David Clark and tell him I won't be there at OAK after all, so he should go to BASFA without me.
Pensive Kevin

My Apartment Complex is SOOOO Safe...

...that I apparently can leave my apartment unlocked for two weeks and come back to find everything exactly the way I left it. At least, I felt that the key was turning too freely in the lock when I opened it after David Clark dropped me off on the way back from BASFA. I may have ran off two weeks ago and left the apartment unlocked. I'll never know, but at least I know there was no harm done.