May 13th, 2009

Kreegah Bundalo

In a Fog

I'm still pretty wrung out this morning after being out for the Giants game last night only one day after returning from Oregon. I'm sure glad I can work from home today. Once I get the project on which I'm currently working done, I'm contemplating going back to bed and sleeping for about twelve hours to pay off an accumulated deficit. I still haven't completely unpacked from Norwescon, for ghu's sake, and it's about time to repack the con kit for BayCon, where Anticipation is supposed to have a table.
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From The List That Shall Not Be Named

Consider the words "amateur," "amateurishly," "professional," and "professionally." Note the subtle distinctions in meaning between the nouns and the related adverbs. Discussions about convention-running can get derailed when people use the terms meaning one of those senses to mean the other one.

I am an amateur convention runner, in that I do it for love, not money. (You really couldn't afford my professional rates.) I attempt to carry out my hobby professionally, in that I want things to work well and not look badly-organized.