May 15th, 2009


Living in Paradise

It is apparently going to get quite warm over the weekend, but today was just about perfect, and so with all of my assignments for this week done, I took a 6km walk around Quarry Lakes Park after lunch today. What a wonderful day it was, too. Because my hi-top boots are in Oregon, I'm wearing my walking shoes, which means I usually have to stop several times to get rocks out of them. The first stop, I disturbed a little lizard basking on the bench. At the second, there was a rabbit taking shelter in the shade of a park bench where I wanted to sit, and he wasn't willing to trust me and took off as I approached. The lakes have a fair bit of water in them, and the geese and seagulls were plentiful. Swinging back along Alameda Creek, I could see plenty of what look like catfish, one of which was feeding so close to shore that its back fins were sticking out from the water. There were lots of fence lizards taking the sun on the rocks along the bank of the creek. The weather was neither too warm nor too cool, with just the right amount of breeze. And I had a perfectly normal 111 blood sugar reading when I got back from the walk, too. No wonder I like it here.