May 25th, 2009

Hugo Trophy

BayCon Draws Toward the End

In exchange for having yesterday to myself, I had two panels today: a 10 AM panel about the future of Westercon, and a 1 PM panel about whether the Hugo Awards matter or not. So I couldn't sleep in, as I needed to be up in time to get breakfast before the first panel.

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After the first panel, I got checked out of the hotel room, picked up a cup of coffee from the Green Room, and sat at the Anticipation table until it was time for the 1 PM Hugos panel.

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By then the Fan Tables had packed up. I was happy to send all of the Anticipation Con Kit stuff with Sherri Benoun and Glenn Glazer for eventual transportation to Arizona for Westercon. I then returned to my office the Game Room to play some more pinball for a while before deciding I should go ahead and check mail and messages.

Incidentally, today I am in "WSFS Casual Dress," which is my WSFS Polo Shirt and my captain's hat, as opposed to the collared shirt with rank insignia shoulder-boards and a tie. I realized last night when taking off the uniform that it was probably yesterday was probably the longest continuous period I'd worn a tie for five years, as they aren't required any more at work and about the only time I wear one is at formal events like the Hugo Awards or when I chair the Business Meeting.

In a few minutes, I'm going to the Feedback Session. I'd consider going home and falling into bed, but the BASFA meeting is only about a mile from here this evening, so I might as well go ahead and have dinner over there. No BASFA meeting was scheduled during BayCon (there was a BASFA party on Friday night) since the convention site and Coco's are so close to each other.
WSFS Captain 5

Wrapping Things Up

BayCon is in tear-down mode as I compose this. I'd post the last of my photos, but I put the connector in my luggage that I put back in the van and I don't feel like getting it, bringing it back into the hotel, processing the photos, and posting them. They'll have to wait until I get home. I'm packing my stuff up and shutting down the computer, probably until I get home.

I had a pretty good time here at BayCon. I wasn't run off my feet as I often am. I helped with things without working myself to a frazzle. I got to see much of the convention I don't normally get to see. And I got to play a pinball machine that I really like. I'm glad BayCon invited me as a participant, and I hope I did my part to make it a better convention.

This was my first year here at the new hotel (they came here last year, but I was at MarCon last year). The hotel is working out better than I might have expected, and the convention is learning to work within the restrictions of the facility. One thing they can't really do much about is that the hotel rooms are smaller than the huge sleeping rooms at the Doubletree. That's just something we have to learn to live with.
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