June 8th, 2009

Kevin 1994

The Zombie Legions: Part 2

I have posted Part 2 of The Zombie Legions, my late-1980s Doctor Who fan film.

I think Vimeo may need to rethink their model of resetting everyone's upload allowance every Monday, given how slow the site's performance is right now. They'd probably be better off assigning the "reset" day randomly so that one-seventh of their members are reset each day, in order to spread the load more evenly.
Kevin and Lisa

Tinnitus Update

Lisa and I went to see her doctor and audiologist today. For the first time in months, the news is not all-bad, although it's not especially good, either. Lisa has not lost any more hearing in her affected ear, and has actually recovered just a tiny bit of it at the low and high ends. The audiologist, a very pleasant fellow named Tim who Lisa has come to like a lot, has been doing additional research. He suggest trying a hearing aid in that ear. The doctor agrees, and says that we're running out of options. He could order a bunch of lab tests for amazingly unlikely things, but even if one of those turns up, it doesn't really show a treatment path, just a description of the problem. So we've made an appointment for Lisa to go see the audiologist just after she gets back from Westercon, with the hope being that she'll have a hearing aid that will help before we head for Montreal. Fingers crossed.