June 11th, 2009


More Scenes from Rural Life

I turned in the project on which I've been working madly this week. Fingers crossed that they want no more of my attention on this, for it would likely mean rework of something previously done.

At lunch (delayed substantially because of trying to get things done on the project), I finally remembered to take my camera to photograph a scene that has been repeating itself almost every afternoon I've been here, except when it is raining.

Collapse )

It's always green around here, but at this time of year it's particularly bright green and growing. But there's a little bit of not-green that seems oddly out of place in the tall grass.

Collapse )

I'd go closer, but it would disturb the scene. Fortunately, I have a zoom lens.

Collapse )

This exposed location doesn't look at all safe to me. Besides, eventually we're going to get back around to cutting the grass in this area, and all of the building work here will have gone to waste. Oh, well.