June 12th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Got Any Old Spare Drives?

Anyone here who I see in person -- regular BASFA attendees, for instance -- have a small (40GB 32GB or less) notebook hard drive that is sitting around gathering dust that you want to get rid of? Lisa has a number of older computers, like her Panasonic Toughbook and IBM T30s, and it appears that some of the newer, larger hard drives are simply incompatible with the older hardware. I think I've run through all of my old, smaller drives. It's not easy to find small hard drives any more. For the prices some people are selling them, it would be cheaper to buy another Toughbook CF-27.

Update, 16:35: nojay sets me straight in comment below regarding the maximum size drive the computer is likely to be able to handle. A 20GB drive is fine. Heck, even a 10 or 8GB drive would be okay. The box was originally shipped with a 4GB drive, after all.