June 18th, 2009

Kevin 1994

Those Darn Daleks Preview Posted

There being a little bit more upload allowance left in my Vimeo account this week, I have posted a preview of Those Darn Daleks, the sequel to The Zombie Legions. I intend to upload the first of the three parts of Those Darn Daleks next week.

You'll see me reprise my role as the Fourth Doctor, and also in roles that most of you wouldn't expect. Those of you who have only known me for the past ten or so years and thus primarily have seen me as a conrunner are in for a few surprises, I think.
Kevin and Lisa

Card Readers Go Walkabout

While we were in Japan, Lisa bought me a nice little card reader that would read all sorts of different types of memory cards. Although I have not used it often, it's handy to have when I need it. I went looking for it this morning and it is not in any of the places I would expect it to be. I'm wondering if I left it in Oregon, in which case it may have gone anywhere up there.

Meanwhile, speaking of readers, Lisa asked if I had the reader for the Sony memory sticks, because she can't find hers. I looked through my bags of computer stuff brought back from Oregon and cannot find it there. Darn.
Business Meeting

WSFS Head Table Sorted

Jared Dashoff has agreed to remain as WSFS Timekeeper this year, and Linda Deneroff -- current Secretary of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee -- will join us as the new Secretary, replacing Pat McMurray who had to cancel. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help fill the space on the head table!