July 3rd, 2009

Manga Kevin

No Time for Journals

It's been a very busy day here on the first day of Westercon. I have lots of photos and stuff about which I could write, but insufficient time to do it. During the day, I divided my time between the Anticipation and SJ2011 tables, which face each other across the lobby in front of the Dealers' Room. I had one panel about which I knew -- but also another one on which I was scheduled according to the program book, but that did not appear on my own printed schedule, so I didn't know about it until too late.

In the evening, SJ2011 held its Final Bid Party tonight, and (helped by being the only open party on Thursday) had a large turnout.

I'd write more, but we have to go run get some milk for our breakfast (we ice it down overnight in a small cooler) and it's nearly 1 AM and I've been up since 2:30 AM the previous morning. To say that I'm sleepy is an understatement.
Business Meeting

Westercon Business Meeting Results

The Westercon Business Meeting gave first passage to a proposal to repeal the existing rule that prohibits sites within 75 miles of the current Westercon from bidding to host the Westercon two years hence. This proposal will be sent on to next year's Westercon for ratification. If the proposal is ratified next year, it would first apply to the 2013 Westercon site selection to be held at the 2011 Westercon.

The Business Meeting scheduled for 1 PM Saturday will not be held unless there is a problem with site selection. The results of site selection are expected to be published in the Saturday morning edition of the newsletter, and if there is any reason to hold the Saturday afternoon Business Meeting, it will be announced in the Saturday morning newsletter. Results of Site Selection are official as soon as announced by the Site Selection administrator, and therefore we expect that the results will be made public around the convention later this evening.
Manga Kevin

San Jose Wins 2011 Westercon

San Jose received 79 of the 93 votes cast in the 2011 Westercon Site Selection (the remainder spread over a raft of write-ins, None of the Above, and No Preference) and will host Westercon 64, July 1-4, 2011, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California. (Those who attended ConJose will remember this as the 2002 Worldcon's headquarters hotel.)

Guests of Honor are Patricia A. McKillip, Kaja & Phil Foglio, and Mike Willmoth. Convention Chair is Glenn Glazer.

Membership is $45 if you neither voted in Westercon Site Selection or pre-supported the SJ2011 Westercon bid. Discounts apply to those who voted/pre-supported.

More details, including online registration, will be available in a day or two on the convention's web site, http://www.westercon64.org/