July 4th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Busy Busy Day

Besides the Business Meeting, I was on two panels today. The first was about "Gafiation" (Getting Away From It All, or dropping out of fandom) and the second about "Is This Your First Con?" I was a bit disappointed that only four people total turned up for the latter, only two of whom were at their first convention.

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Business done, we were finally able to spend a couple of hours going around to the var/ious parties, but we headed back to the room by Midnight. At first we thought we needed to go out to get fresh milk, but the ice in the cooler has held the milk we purchased earlier, so instead we turned in for the night. And now I'm going to fall into bed and not worry about getting up especially early.

We have more photos, but again, not time to post them, not without sacrificing even more sleep.