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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, July 5th, 2009

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SMOFS in a Room
It appears that the Westercon 63 committee has decided to file a write-in bid to host the 2010 NASFiC as part of Westercon 63. That is, if they win, the 2010 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference in Pasadena would also be the 2010 North American Science Fiction Convention. The filing deadline for the ballot having passed, Pasadena's bid can only run as a write-in against Raleigh, the only group that filed a bid before the deadline.

Current Mood: contemplative
Freight Train vs. Tornado
Deb Geisler has posted an astonishing video of a freight train being hit by a tornado from the point of view of a camera pointing out of the cab of a rear-facing trailing locomotive. Incredible.

Current Mood: astonished
Unwanted Extra Days In Tempe
As those of you following my Twitter feed probably know by now, I'm going to be in Tempe for a couple of extra days. Lisa pickup truck broke down just after she left the hotel (and I'd left for the airport). She nursed the truck and its wobbly wheel back to the hotel. People managed to track me down at the airport. The hotel was willing to on my verbal say-so reopen the reservation and check her back in for two nights (we assume that nothing can be done in less than two days even if we can find someone who can fix it tomorrow morning). I'll be heading back to the hotel in a few minutes -- it was a 25-minute wait for the next shuttle, so I decided to stay in the air conditioning for a few extra minutes. I hope to be able to borrow a microphone for my computer so I can do the conference calls I have tomorrow morning. I'll need to get some work done remotely from here or else take an emergency day or two off from work and I don't have a lot of spare time in my account right now.

My luggage went on to OAK without me and will be locked up for me to come claim it. Unfortunately, that includes my CPAP machine and all my spare clothes. Should be an interesting couple of days. Probably will have to buy a new shirt tomorrow. And the charger for my phone was in that bag as well, so I have no way to recharge my phone, which is showing zero reserve now, so don't expect to reach me by phone for a couple of days.

Current Mood: distressed

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