July 6th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Timing in Tempe

After I got back to the hotel last night, Lisa and I got things as secured as we could for now. She bought me a shirt from Scott Dennis so I'd have one shirt besides the one I had been wearing. We had dinner (which made us feel somewhat better), and walked down to the CVS/pharmacy and bought more cereal, milk, bowls, and plastic cutlery. (We'd accidentally left the remaining cereal and supplies in the room from which we'd checked out yesterday afternoon, so that's a bit more wasted money, alas.) We found a new headset there as well. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a charger that would fit my phone. Even the Box of Chargers at the hotel's front desk had nothing that fit a Verizon Coupe phone. My thanks to Westercon 62 chair (and WC 64 Fan Guest of Honor) mwillmoth for his offer to loan me his headset if I needed it.

Returning to the room, I confirmed that the headset worked and that Skype works from from the hotel's internet connections and did what I could do to get secured for working today, letting my co-workers how to reach me and warning them that my mobile phone is out of service. Then we did get some sleep, although without my CPAP machine -- it was in my luggage -- it probably wasn't terribly restful.

We've found a shop within a couple of miles of where we are that looks like it could do the work on Lisa's truck; she spoke to them on the phone and they didn't rule it out, at least. Once she has the pickup rigged for being worked on in a garage (radios and antennas stowed, that sort of thing), she'll take it down there. With it being a short distance over streets (no high-speed/freeway running), she thinks she should be able to drive it there. I sure hope this is something they can deal with by tomorrow at the latest.