July 25th, 2009

Match Game SF

Not a Match

As I've already fielded several queries about it, I want to make it clear that there will not be a Match Game SF show at Anticipation, despite it appearing in the convention schedule. We were unable to get the logistics to do the show the way we'd prefer lined up, but the item sneaked into the schedule by mistake. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was expecting us to fill in the _____s.
Conrunner Kevin

On the Road Again

Within about ten minutes, I should be packed up and heading out again, roughly an hour later than originally scheduled, but that's in keeping with the intention of taking it slightly easier today than yesterday.

This was my first stay at this particular (relatively new) Holiday Inn Express. It's doubly new because they opened it and then were almost immediately hit by the Holiday Inn Refurbishment/Rebranding Program. It's a nice enough hotel, with a clean, comfortable, large room. I would have used the pool last night but they didn't have a hot tub, and soaking in the hot tub was all I really wanted to do to get the cramp out of my legs from sitting for most of nine hours driving.

About 300 miles to Mehama. Going to be a hot day and a hot coming week out there. Glad I brought my sunscreen.
Kevin and Lisa

Made it to Mehama

I got to Mehama at 5 PM, only an hour later than originally planned, and a little the worse for wear for the roughly 290 miles from Yreka. Although the engine light didn't come back on, the noise from the engine got louder as the day went on. North of Eugene, the air conditioning quit completely, and it's a very hot weekend in the Willamette Valley. When I got to Mehama, and after recovering from the heat for a bit, Lisa came and looked, and immediately pointed at the air-conditioning compressor. She says she thinks the clutch on the pulley is broken, so it won't turn properly, and that's the source of all of the noise. We'll have to get it in for repairs on Monday, but at least there's no huge hurry -- they could hold on to it for three weeks if necessary.

I then went to her father's house and dealt with e-mails, mostly Worldcon-related, that had come in during the six hour drive from Yreka. I'm caught up for now, I think. I don't really want to have to think much more today. That 700 mile drive tires me out.