July 28th, 2009

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Travel Plans

For my own information and for anyone trying to keep track of me for the next three weeks, here are my travel plans, particularly the train trips.

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While on the train, I will not be reachable by e-mail, and telephone may be dicey, as chunks of the route are away from the cell phone network.

In Montreal during Worldcon, I will be staying at Holiday Inn Select Centre-Ville diagonally opposite Palais des Congres from August 5-11, leaving on the morning of Wednesday, August 12.

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I'll then work from Oregon on Tuesday-Friday before driving back to California. Presumably they will have repaired my van by the time I get back!
Kevin and Lisa

Why No Broadband Card?

Lisa suggested that I get one of those broadband cards that would allow me to connect while on the road even when not near a hot spot. I said no, for these reasons:

1. Much of the train trip is likely to be through areas with no cell phone service, and therefore no broadband service.

2. Whatever I get is unlikely to work in Canada except possibly at ruinous rates.

3. I can't afford it anyway, not with the cost of the pickup repairs in Arizona and the pending car repairs here in Oregon. (At least there won't be sales tax on the work and parts.)

Let's see if I can survive two nights and three days without internet access.

My Worldcon Schedule

It appears that lots of people are publishing their Worldcon schedules, and I think I should do the same, particularly given some of the confusion in scheduling.

P- means the room is in the Palais des Congres. All of my items are in the Palais. I will probably always wish I could have agreed to use the Theatre in the Delta, even though it's too small and inconvenient to where I'm staying, but boy would it have been fun!

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This is a very busy schedule, and boy, am I glad I'm not sitting behind any group's tables or organizing any parties. And I'm also glad that I have a room in the Holiday Inn Select, which will put me probably as close as practical to the Palais' function space (as opposed to the exhibit space at the opposite end of the building). Yeah, I'll go to the Delta at night for parties, but for the quick trip back to the room during the day, it's nice to just be across the street.