July 31st, 2009

Pointless Arrow

Worldcon Trip Day 3: Through the Sierras and Across Nevada

8:00 After having breakfast and a short walk this morning, we checked out of the hotel and drove back to the Emeryville Amtrak station, returning the rental car at the adjacent Avis station. That rental car was so big that I could barely fit it into the spaces in the Avis lot. I was concerned that we were running late, but our 9:10 train hadn't shown up by 8:50. This surprised me, because I would have figured they would have brought the train in earlier, given that it originates from Emeryville. They pulled in shortly after 9 and the mob of people heading east headed for their respective cars, including us in sleeping car 32058 (logical car number 0632), an unnamed, apparently rebuilt Superliner I sleeper, where we moved into Bedroom B. travelswithkuma has more to say and show about our bedroom.

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