August 2nd, 2009

Pointless Arrow

Day 5: Over the River and Through the Plains

Getting to bed around midnight (accounting for having to add one hour going into Central Time), I slept pretty well, I think, although I did wake up for the station stops at McCook and Holdrege NE, and also Omaha, where there's a longer servicing stop. (And yes, I thought briefly of garyomaha before falling back asleep.)

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11:05: Ottumwa IA. This was a "smoke stop" because it's a crew change point.
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We would have been close to on time into Chicago Union Station, but there's a bunch of weekend track work on the BNSF line from Aurora, and the resulting congestion delayed us for roughly an hour. We fought our way out of Union Station. I'm glad Lisa was wearing her compass because I was completely turned around coming out of the station, even though I've been here before. I managed to get us on the wrong side of Canal Street for the three-block walk to the hotel, resulting in us having to wrestle our heavy bags up and down stairs, but we managed to get there. We then got into the room and crashed for a little while.

After recovering slightly, we went for a bit of a walk back up to Union Station, around which I showed Lisa under more relaxed circumstances. I originally thought we might go to a nice restaurant, but we were both pretty zonked out, and we both concluded that we just wanted some milk and a quiet dinner in our room. It helps that there is a pizza restaurant in the lobby of our hotel. We found a Walgreens in Greektown where we could buy a half-gallon of milk -- all of the stores near Union Station appear to be closed on Sunday -- went back to the hotel, ordered pizza, and relaxed. I posted all of the queued-up LJ entries.

I'd write more, but I'm really tired. Although we do want to get to the Museum of Science and Industry tomorrow, and we do have to re-pack for the next train stage and check out in the morning, we're not going to rush.