August 6th, 2009

Kreegah Bundalo

Welcome to Montreal

We got in to Montreal about 20:00, only about an hour late. I have lots of writing that I did on the train from Schenectady queued up, but am too sleeping to format the messages. Wednesday's travel will probably appear in a back-dated entry eventually. I hope.

We're moved in to our hotel. We have a mini-fridge -- my platinum upgrade worked! I have a free breakfast Thursday and also the final two mornings that I'm here. We went out to Chinatown around midnight for dinner -- several of the places here are open until 4 AM! -- but were so sleepy that we took our food to go and staggered back to the room. Sleep, must have sleep. Thursday is actually my busiest programming day.

Semiprozine Hugo Debate

In response to requests:

The debate and vote on the Semiprozine Hugo is currently scheduled for the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting. Unless the Friday meeting takes unusual action to adjust the agenda, the matter should come up shortly after 10:00 on Saturday. (There are some minor and uncontroversial matters scheduled for the first few minutes of the meeting.) It is not possible to give a precise time when the matter will come to a vote.

All of this could change if the Preliminary Business Meeting on Friday at 10:00 takes action to adjust the agenda. I will try to post here if that happens, but people at the convention should check the convention newsletter for WSFS bulletins.

I Hate Thursdays

For known reasons, Thursdays are usually my busiest Worldcon day. I registered without incident and dealt with the most pressing things, but many others remain, and I have four panels in a row, one of which is actually canceled but which people were expecting to attend. Lisa and I made a hand-lettered sign and put it on the door of the room where the "phantom" panel was to happen, giving us enough time to run get something to eat at the noodle house across the street from the hotel. A cloudburst drenched us as we dashed across the street back to the hotel with my take-out noodles. I'm eating lunch and dealing with business here during what would be the "phantom" 14:00 panel and hoping that my sign is enough to redirect people to the correct 15:30 panel.

(The same items is listed at 14:00 and 15:30 in different places. The second one is real; the first is correctly removed from the grid, but is in the detailed schedule.)

I've been handing "Worldcon Chairs Photo Op" business cards with the Sunday 11:00 at the Business Meeting info to any Worldcon chair I see. Among those we have seen is Hiroke Inoue, with whom we were happy to spend a few minutes talking along with his wife Tamie. Alas, Inoue-san has to fly back to Japan on Friday because of work commitments. That's so sad, to be only able to spend about 24 hours at Worldcon. But jaylake would know something about flying halfway 'round the world for a mere 24 hours of Worldcon.
Kevin and Lisa

Hope I Left It Behind

Lisa asked me for something that needed a blank recordable CD this evening, so I went to get the box of CDs, which includes some blanks and also some utility CDs that I normally carry with me. The box isn't in my computer bag, nor is it in any of the other likely places I might have put it when unpacking. I really hope I left that box in Oregon at Lisa's father's place. I'll try not to worry about it, because there isn't a whole lot I can do if I left it on a train or in a hotel room along the way.