August 8th, 2009


Relatively Quiet Day at Worldcon

After the chaos of Thursday, Friday was my relatively quiet day, aside from chairing the WSFS Business Meeting. We got off from the hotel about ten minutes later than I'd hoped, although it did no real harm. The BM is at what is perceived as the "far end" of the Palais, although it's actually much closer to my hotel. We figured out that going around through the Chinatown entrance is faster than what looks like the direct route.

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After the Preliminary BM ended, I had no more program items for today, which meant I could relax a little bit. Collapse )

After coming back from dinner, I composed the report on the actions of today's BM, and then it was Party Time, as we walked to the Delta through the underground warrens again, helping another fan find his way to the hotel with the help of a friendly passing Klingon. At the Delta, we had to queue for express elevators that took members to the 5th and 28th floors, where the parties were.

We tried to visit as many parties as we could, but it was difficult to really enjoy ourselves, because things were just too crowded. Also, Lisa says that parties that are mostly full of people drinking lots of alcohol also tend to be full of people who are not nice to Kuma Bear, which makes both her and Kuma cross. We did, however, talk with James Bacon, who gave us yet more UK train-driver kit, which is very nice of him. We found the UK party decorations that are actually for us. James said, "When you're ready to leave, just take the train signs with you." Unfortunately, we went back down from the 28th to the 5th floor, forgot to get the signs, and were part-way back to our own hotel before I remembered this.

The wait for elevators to escape from the Party Zone was so long that we went to the stairs. Fortunately, the stairs are a valid departure route and don't lead to an alarmed emergency exit. The parties seemed to be full of lots of people enjoying themselves, but Lisa seemed a little stressed out and happy to be heading 'home' for the night.

We stopped at the convenience store in the Palais just before they closed to pick up some juice and small snacks. The clerk made Lisa very unhappy by locking the exit while we were still in the store. I told Lisa to unlock the door and let herself out while I paid for our stuff. I agree that it's dangerous for the store's main door to not have a push-to-open exit, and for the clerk to bolt the door like that.

Returning to the hotel, Lisa took a bath and I tried to do a little video editing of the Preliminary Business Meeting. Unfortunately, MovieMaker crashed part-way through doing it and as soon as I post this, I'm going to need to reboot the computer.

I hope to get to sleep before 2 AM and to get at least five hours sleep tonight. It's possible that rather than hanging around enjoying the convention this past afternoon, I should have taken a nap instead.
Business Meeting

Business Meeting Video

I have compiled the relatively quick-and-dirty version of the Preliminary Business Meeting video. (It isn't as nicely set up as the Westercon BM video, but the audio is better.) Unfortunately, it's nearly 500 MB and would eat up my entire Vimeo weekly allowance even assuming I could somehow manage to upload it through the hotel system here.

I will have the file on a USB memory stick with me at today's Business Meeting for the benefit of anyone who has his/her computer there and wants a copy. I will upload the videos of the BM eventually, but don't expect it to happen during the convention.