August 9th, 2009

Business Meeting

Winding Up the Business

We expect this morning's WSFS Business Meeting to be relatively light. All of the substantive business (constitutional amendments and the like) was dealt with at the Saturday meeting, so all that remains for today is the announcement of the NASFiC and Worldcon site selection, followed by Question Time for seated Worldcons and short presentations for future year's bids. After that (but not before 1100) we have the Former Worldcon Chairs Photo opportunity. It's just vaguely possible that we might even have the Business Meeting adjourned before the Photo Op. After the meeting and photo op are done, it will be time for the Mark Protection Committee to hold its second meeting, elect new officers, and decide on the fate of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee.

We certainly should be able to adjourn the Business Meeting sine die ("without date" -- a technical term meaning it ends this year's series of meetings) today and not have to hold a Monday meeting.