August 28th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Wrong Sort of Cat

Lisa called last night and told me this story.

There are many feral cats living in Mehama, a handful of which make their nests on her father's property. I've noticed a gray cat and a couple of mottled gray-and-white cats, all of which give me the Evil Eye when I am around them. They are not Friendly Cats at all, but they're part of the scenery here on the property.

Yesterday evening, Lisa opened the door of the trailer to go outside, and saw that, waddling through the road between the trailer and the church, was the black cat with the white stripe down its back. But she didn't need to see it, because she could smell it. Yikes, that's not a cat, that's a skunk!

Lisa quickly ducked back inside the trailer. Fortunately, Mr. Skunk hadn't actually sprayed the trailer, and did not appear to have noticed Lisa, because he went away and the smell dissipated fairly quickly, and it didn't penetrate inside the trailer.