August 29th, 2009

End Of Block

Complaing to Metra

I didn't complain to Metra about our run-in with the "photography is illegal" conductor in Chicago immediately, because Metra does not appear to have any way of sending them comments or questions electronically, so I waited until I was back in my office in California to compose a paper letter, which I sent them a couple of days ago. At the same time, I sent short letters to the major Chicago newspapers (through their web sites) and also to the editor of Trains magazine. About the same time, I was reading in the September 2009 issue of Trains about how to behave if an authority figure hassles you about rail photography. (It's not illegal, despite what a number of uninformed people seem to have assumed.) Thanks to Trains' "Potomac Pundit," I'm now in contact with someone who may know the right people to talk to directly at Metra. I hope so, and I hope that I hear that the conductor in question (I could identify the train number, date, and station, so it should not be impossible to find out who it was) is corrected and Metra sorts out this behavior, designed to terrorize their customers.