August 30th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

That Explains Why It Wasn't on the Shelf

A few years ago, Lisa encountered a brand of tuna called "G'Day Gourmet" described as "Australian-style," and she found that she liked it a lot. Unfortunately, it was hard to find. One of the few places we ever could get it it was a natural-foods store in Mount Shasta City, so we tended to time our trips through that area so that we were passing through when they were open and buy every can they had on the shelves. Last trip through, the place on the shelf where that tuna had been was empty. As near as I can figure out from a bit of Goggling, the vendor has gone out of business. Too bad!
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Formula 1

Time Shifted

I woke up just before 4:30 AM this morning in order to watch the Formula 1 GP from Belgium. I enjoyed the race, and amazingly, after a couple of cups of coffee, didn't feel sleepy enough to go back to bed after the race, so instead I pulled myself together and walked over to Union City and had breakfast at Hometown Buffet, then walked back the long way through Quarry Lakes Park. I figured that making a 10 km round-trip walk sort of "paid" for the big buffet breakfast, and my blood sugar level seemed to agree with me.

When I got home, things caught up with me, and I found myself dozing most of the afternoon away, with the first the championship of the Little League World Series and then the Giants-Rockies game playing in the background. All in all it was a non-productive, slow day, but I've needed a few of those for a while now.