September 5th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Quiet Long Weekend

It's such an odd thing to me to be not at a convention or traveling over Labor Day Weekend, but since I knew months ago that I might be called for jury duty this coming week -- the call actually landed for September 14 -- I couldn't make any plans such as maybe going to Oregon for this coming week. Besides, I'm likely going to spend much of Monday working at the Day Jobbe anyway due to an impending project deadline. I did get to take today off, mostly, sleeping in, walking down to the Saturday farmers' market, and doing a little grocery shopping, then going for a walk around Quary Lakes after lunch. I wish I'd remembered that it's still summer -- I got slightly sunburned, having forgotten to apply sunscreen. Otherwise, I was pretty lazy today, spending a lot of time watching the US Open. Wow, there were a lot of upsets today.

Still, I have stuff that needs doing. If nothing else, this apartment hasn't been cleaned in months, and it's getting bad here. I have no excuses. And if I'm working on cleaning, I'm not eating or spending money.

In any event, given the schedule of mid-September through November, taking Labor Day weekend off rather than rushing around doing stuff is a good thing. I'm not likely to have much time for rest pretty soon.
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