September 8th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Settling the Tempe Insurance Claim

I called the insurance company to find out why they reduced the payment on my insurance claim. They say they sent me a letter explaining it, but I never received it, even though the letter was (they say) mailed the day before the payment check. Anyway, the reason is that the insurance doesn't cover replacement clothing or medications and certain other incidental expenses, so if you're stuck with just the shirt on your back (as I was), that's your own lookout, and so the money I spent on buying a couple of extra shirts, sunscreen for walking around in that blazing sun while going back and forth to the auto shop, tipping housekeepers (even though I consdier housekeeping tips to be a standard operating expense) and other minor incidental expenses weren't covered.

I'm satisfied with their explanation (albeit still unhappy not to be reimbursed for those expenses), and I think I can say that the claim is settled and over with. I already applied the payment toward the credit card balance I've been carrying since Westercon. Everything helps.